Divinations Webinar Series


A series of webinars from May to October on all matters of Divination.
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Panel Discussions and webinars by Sonal and Theo are free (as in you donate some minimum amount).

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WELCOME TO the DIVINATIONS FAMILY! Our mission is to empower people with authentic knowledge of all aspects of mystical wisdom, from Vedanga Jyotish to Magic to Occult to Ayurveda, from Astrology to Fengshui to Vastu, from Pyschic mediumship to Vedanta, from Tantric hymns to Vedic Mantras incantations to palmistry. Energy healing to Yoga.

A link will be sent to you after your payment, any issues please email me at SonalSach108@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: This is a live webinar. There is always a Q&A after depending on the speaker. Also the video-audio recordings will be made available at a nominal value of £ 6.

Western Astrology 10th May 2020 Theo Naicker


The Pervasive Power of the 9th House

In traditional western astrology, the 9th house is known as the Temple of the Sun. It is the house of Dreams, Divination, the Law, Higher Thinking, and Travel. It shows us what is guiding our experience of life. It is commonly understood as a cadent house, receding away from the Mastery indicated by the 10th house. This means that the powerful influence of the 9th house lies locked away and needs to be carefully extracted. This talk will reveal occult secrets of interpreting the 9th house in all its glory, with ample chart examples, so that we can understand clearly the path that lies ahead.

7th May at 10 am British Summer Time (GMT+1)

In times of obvious uncertainty in our outer world, the call to go in is strongest.

Mental maladies such as stress, anxiety and worry are symptoms of our unbalanced nature. Within all of us is the connection to the divine, the Absolute state of pure being. Accessing this is of utmost importance, not just to handle our ‘problems’ but to become more.
Adam is known in London and Sydney as an Independent Teacher of TM. Making Mantra meditations attainable to those who would be wary of it. He is also knowledgable in Mindfulness, Reiki, Pranic Healing and breathwork. A natural communicator and lover of ancient knowledge he is a firm believer in the active application of this wisdom into life.

JUNE 2020

Sunday 7th June Western Astrology Julija Simas 10:30 am British Summer Time (GMT + 1)

On Venus Retrogrades and the Astronomical Path and significances of Venus

Julija is the founder, motivator and designer behind the C*I*A, the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. After completing a Diploma in Applied Astrology with her finishing thesis on “Astrology and the ANIMA MUNDI in 2005”, the ideas within were set into motion as the C*I*A, astrology with a co-creative purpose, raising consciousness to astrology around the globe. Julija is a practising astrological consultant, teacher, writer, presenter and retreat organiser for the C*I*A. Julija’s focus is on the living breathing nature of astrology, cosmic cycles and real sky astrology. Julija has lectures at various C*I*A events, local workshops, and retreats, and online and has presented at many international conferences over the years – UAC 2012, ISAR 2014 and ISAR 2016, Astrology Rising Costa Rica 2017, IVC India Kolkata 2018/2020, International Astrology Days Turkey 2019.�Julija is The chief at the C*I*A, a Dream Team Astrologer and contributing member of OPA and ISAR.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Email: julija@cosmicintelligenceagency.com

C*I*A Facebook: Now with over 1.4 Million fans! https://www.facebook.com/cosmic.intelligenceagency

Founder of the CIA COsmic Intelligence Agency https://cosmicintelligenceagency.com/category/free-cosmic-webinars/

Vedic Astrologer, Scholar, Guru and Pandit

14th June Visti Larsen 10 AM BST
How comfortable are you in life? Are you blessed by the sky-father?

Where are your roots, and how to establish yourself in this planet? The Guru Acchadana, the blessing of the sky-father, explains this in the chart, and what we must do to be settled and happy in this world. In the course of the webinar, Visti will explain which activities will give the individual happiness and the experience of being emotionally and materially settled in life, with practical advise and chart examples using the traditional principles of Jyotish. Expect to learn remedies, timing and which activities bring us closer to a better and more comfortable life.

Visti is a professional astrologer since 2004, accredited with the degrees of Jyotish Pandit, Jyotish Guru and Jaimini Scholar. He is a student of Pt. Sanjay Rath, from whom he received the responsibility as custodian of the Maharishi Jaimini Upadeśā Sutras. He teaches the courses of Parashara Jyotisha, Jaimini Sutras through Devaguru Brihaspati Center, and further teaches through his online school, Rama Academy. You can learn more from Visti at www.rama-edu.com or book a consultation with him at www.srigaruda.com

28th June Jyotish Freedom Cole   (4pm BST-GMT+1)

We live in a time when many people suffer anxiety and depression. Ayurveda says that this mental distress is caused by rajas and tamas. Mental well-being is caused by Sattva. We will discuss the structures that maintain sattva so that we can better understand and support mental health.
Freedom Cole is the author of two books and numerous articles. He is faculty in the Āyurveda and mental health modules of the Kripalu Integrative Yoga Therapy program and has an international Jyotiṣa school. Freedom is known for his ability
to translate ancient Vedic principles into practical clinical application. He is presently working on a PhD in clinical psychology researching trauma through the lens of Yoga and Āyurveda.

JULY 2020

12th July Jyotish Track Dharmesh Mehta at 10:00 am UK BST

Vastu: Main front Door, an opportunity.

12th July Jyotish Track Dharmesh Mehta

19th July at 10:30 am British Summer time UK PANEL DISCUSSION with

Sonal, Alex Trenoweth, Paul BArker, John Hall, Nathan Theo Naicker and IIsrael Ajose on : Under The Vedic Sky, Shani Saturn and Guru Jupiter. We will discuss mundane charts and the collective is being affected.

26th July Sam Geppi at 10:am UK Time


9th August 2020 Prashant Trivedi

23rd August  Sarbani Rath on The Disruptive Rahu (North Node of the Moon)

About Sarbani Rath

Jyotisha Guru, Jyotisha Pandita, Jamini Scholar
Sarbani teaches jyotiṣa since 2008 at the Devaguru Bṛhaspati Centre in its Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course (PJC) and Jaimini Scholar Programme (JSP). Besides teaching, she sees clients and regularly engages in horoscope consultations. She has presented papers in many jyotiṣa conferences in India, Europe and the USA since 2002.

President, Sri Jagannath Centre (SJC)
President, Devaguru Bṛhaspati Centre
Member, BAVA (British Association of Vedic Astrology)
Member, CVA (Council of Vedic Astrology)
Managing Editor, Sagittarius Publications.

30th August 10 am BST UK

PANEL DISCUSSION on Changing of the Boundaries with Rahu & Ketu in Taurus / Scorpio Axis. with Sonal Sachdeva, John Hall, Paul Barker, Israel Ajose


6th September (M&A) coming soon…

13th September To be announced

20th September Advait Tripathi

27th September Sonal & Theo – Guest with Panel discussion


25th October 2020 at 4 pm UK Time

Seeing Current Events Through the Magic Prism of Sarvatobhadra Chakra

A look at the upcoming US election that has been called “the election that could break America.”

Besides showing off the Sarvatobhadra Chakra, we will feature one other awesome technique

astrologers can use to find their way through the maze of time:  progression, Vedic style.

Sat Siri K. Khalsa  

Sat Siri Kaur Khalsa is a highly regarded Jyotish practitioner as well as teacher of Kundalini Yoga and meditation.  Sat Siri Kaur has lectured around the world on many topics in Vedic astrology, about health, wealth, spiritual and physical healing, and family relationships. She was named a Jyotish Kovid by the Indian Council of Vedic Astrologers under Dr. B. V. Raman, who sparked the renaissance in Jyotish studies in the West.

She has been honored also as a Jyotish Brihaspati and as a Jyotish Medhya Prayag.

Sat Siri is one of a select number of Jaimini Scholars teaching in the lineage of Sri Acyutananda  of Puri.   She is a mentor for both the Parashara Jyotish Course  and the Jaimini Scholar Program as taught by Pt. Sanjay Rath and has an online introductory course.

She is a former Vice President of the Council of Vedic Astrology .

Currently Sat Siri is with a team presenting online and in-person courses as the Parashara Jyotisha Conference of America (www.pjcoa.com) .  Current series are featuring teachings on the Panchanga (the Five Pillars of Time in the Horoscope) with speakers including Pandit Sanjay Rath and other top astrologers from USA and abroad.  These classes provide the chance for new students to mingle with some of the most advanced thinkers in this area of sacred knowledge.

For an introductory course to get started with Jyotish study, or for counseling on Self and Mind alignment, meditations as taught by Yogi Bhajan, contact Sat Siri at:


P.O. Box 486  Santa Cruz, NM    87567 USA




November 15th at 10 AM UK Paul Barker on Jaimini Navamsa Dasha



Sonal Sachdeva is the resident Jyotish (Vedic Astrologer) at Watkins Books, the highly acclaimed esoteric bookshop in central London.

Coming from a diverse background in computer systems integration, and databases, and spending time with various companies I turned to film editing and camera/video. Astrology and all aspects of divination has always been an ongoing passion ever since i recall from my teenage years. Initially,I studied Western Psychological Astrology under Liz Greene at the Centre of Psychological Astrology (CPA) before focusing on Vedanga Jyotish learning practice under the tutelage of celebrated Indian astrologer, Pandit Sanjay Rath. I am  also learning Vedanta with Swamini Brhamaprajananda Saraswati (Direct Disciple of Dayanada Saraswati Guru). My approach is very much rooted in the drive towards all aspects of Vedic learning. As all Vedantic knowledge ultimately leads to transforming one’s psyche which has a direct link to burning off a lot of our negative karmic patterns which have accrued for lifetimes! Also, a keen Aromatherapist using ancient Ayurvedic principles of Oils, tinctures, hydrolats in combination with Aromatherapy.

Theodore has a background as a petroleum reservoir engineer and has been practicing astrology professionally since 2014. He began learning traditional Hellenistic and Persian astrology in 2010, with proficiency in natal, horary, mundane, locational, and medical branches. He has a Diploma in Medieval Astrology (2012) and a Diploma in AstSaint+Ann.+Jamaicarological Studies (2014). In 2017 he began studying Vedāñga Jyotish under the tutelage of Pt Sanjay Rath as part of the Śrī Acyutānanda Parampara. Theodore’s specialized consultations take into account factors from both Western and Vedic astrological traditions. He runs retreats in South Africa, and hosts webinars, workshops, and private courses in South Africa and around the world. For more info visit www.spicastrology.com/about-theo/

PLEASE NOTE – A MONTHLY PAYMENT OPTION IS ALSO AVAILABLE at £33 for all the webinars in a single month (or 4 webinars totally in month and overlap into next month)

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